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Interactive Scape – Digital Pioneers

We think ahead and open up whole new product worlds. The enthusiastic response of our customers is the greatest reward for our work.

Since its inception in 2008 many things have happend at Interactive Scape. We showed our first interactive multi-touch installation at the Architecture Biennale in 2008. Six years later, the company switched to capacitive multi-touch sensors. In 2015 we launched our first 4K monitors and one year later we launched our unique Capore® technology. In the last year, we have successfully launched our first Augmented Reality project for the German Federal Ministry of Economics.

CEOs and founders:
Hauke Helmer and Ulrich Mangold

All these development steps are only possible, because we constantly strive to develop and learn. Lean processes, transparent communication and short decision paths are just as important to us as respectful and open-minded interactions between colleagues – for an inspiring and creative working atmosphere.





We are amibitous when it comes to developing new technologies. This way we are constantly broadening our horizon.

First Mover 

Hence we are capable of establishing new concepts that are and unique concpets unique when entering the market.

Individual Solutions 

Be it software or hardware, we either tune our standard solutions or build new ones from scratch as each case is unique.

Product Development 

We optimize our technologies to mature into robust and resiliant products.


German Engineering

Our customers benefit from reliable delivery times, durable products of the highest quality and a reliable contact partner. Adherence to high quality standards and smooth customer service are vital to us in the manufacture of every single product. Within the framework of quality assurance, our specialists document every step and carry out detailed quality controls before delivery.

Quality assessment Scape® Tangible

Research & Development

Our high quality standards and continuous research into new possibilities have enabled us to expand our product range with tangible objects. With Capore®, we offer a unique solution for the integration of tangible objects into modern multi-touch hardware.

Production of Capore® Objects

We research and develop innovative hardware and software that allows multiple users to interact on one display. Our innovative multi-user solutions take into account the various requirements of large-format displays. As part of our research and development, we also develop prototypes for special customer requirements, e.g. for design studies, IoT and embedded systems.