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Object Recognition
for capacitive Multi-Touch Displays

Capore makes the digital tangible. Our object recognition creates a new connection between user and application. It creates new ways of communication playful, understandable, touching.

Your advantages:

Objects for divers needs: unlimited amount of IDs, super flat (4mm), individually designed or used as „digital magnifying glass“

No false positives

Works immediately with any application with TUIO 1.1 support

Proven communication protocol

Continuous improvements of recognition quality thanks to the use of robotics and machine learning!

Capore® Objects are made in our inhouse workshop. For custom objects please contact us!

Capore® Shape

Capore® Shape

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Capore Plus

Capore® Plus

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Capore® Basic

Capore® Basic



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Capore Magnify

Capore® Magnify

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Capore Custom

Capore® Custom

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Learn more about the application possibilities and the background of Capore® Objects:


360° Retail Experience


Production of Capore® Objects