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Applications developed for

Multi-Touch Displays and Object Recognition

Whether it is with dynamic bubbles, haptic objects, or a digital magnifier - offer a new way of experiencing and grasping your content. The Easire® application can be freely assembled from different modules. If you want even more, we also develop new concepts!

Your advantages:

Multi-touch solutions with or without object recognition

Easy content maintenance through Easire® Cloud

Launch applications on your multi-touch displays with the Easire® Player

Be always up to date! Your content is automatically synched with the Easire® Cloud

Modular content – design your application according to your individual needs

Upon request, also in your corporate design

Easire Bubbles

Easire® Bubbles

The digital aquarium

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Easire Elements

Easire® Elements

Digital content made tangible

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Easire Magnify

Easire® Magnify

The digital magnifier

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