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Multi-Touch Displays
with Object Recognition

It all depends on the right way of presenting! Our 4K/UHD multi-touch displays with integrated object recognition can be utilized in many ways. Elegant, flexible, extra robust or a mix of everything.

Your advantages:

4K/UHD Displays

Reliable 3M™ PCAP technology with up to 80 simultaneous touchpoints

Output: TUIO 1.1 and Windows-Touch

Continuous operation (24 hours / 7 days) with system temperature tracking

Certified for horizontal installation

Works in all lighting conditions

Suitable for individual table-solutions

Scape Tangible

Scape® Tangible

Multitouch Display

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Scape Pro

Scape® Pro

The allrounder

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Scape Lab

Scape® Lab

Interactive Research

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Scape Movable

Scape® Movable

Our chameleon

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