Interactive Scape and DISPLAX Unveil Tile Pro | Scape X at InfoComm 2024: Setting New Standards in Interactive Display Technology

Berlin, Germany / Braga, Portugal, May 15, 2024 - Interactive Scape and DISPLAX, in partnership, are excited to introduce the product offering Tile Pro | Scape X, a state-of-the-art seamless multitouch display that marries the best of touchscreen technology - Tile Pro - with the world’s best object recognition technology - Scape X®. The Tile Pro | Scape X effortlessly identifies transparent objects and smartphones, ensuring accurate responses. This product offer incorporates Artificial Intelligence algorithms assuring a fluid experience and superb reliability.

Equipped with DISPLAX’s high-performance touchscreen technology and Interactive Scape’s innovative Scape X® Engine, the Tile Pro | Scape X offers unparalleled functionality in a range of applications. It’s expected to be typically used in Interactive Tables designed for Museums, Amusement Parks, Exhibitions, Showrooms, Collaboration areas or Situation rooms.

This new system excels in several use cases and boasts low maintenance and high cost-effectiveness. With its easy installation, vibrant color accuracy, slim profile, and minimal bezel, the Tile Pro | Scape X® not only meets but exceeds modern user demands. Furthermore, Interactive Scape incorporates the open source TUIO protocol, enabling easy integration and application development. Users can effortlessly create custom applications using popular platforms, making the Tile Pro | Scape X highly adaptable for a wide variety of uses. 

Hauke Helmer, CEO of Interactive Scape, noted, "The Tile Pro | Scape X represents not only a significant leap in our partnership with DISPLAX but it also marks the first time the Scape X® Engine has been integrated into the display of another manufacturer, specifically DISPLAX. This milestone underscores our commitment to expanding the reach and applicability of our advanced technology, setting a new standard for collaborative innovation in the industry. Together, we are delivering on the promises and visions once made by optical recognition systems, but now possible with the benefits and advantages of capacitive technology."
Miguel Fonseca, CEO of DISPLAX, added, "DISPLAX Touch Controllers always set the bar high. We were the first to deliver a Multitouch Film and a Touchscreen outputting 5ms response time. We don’t stop innovating. Now, with Interactive Scape being the world’s best reference in the Object Recognition sector, it’s an honour for DISPLAX to have their world-class Scape X® working with the newest Tile Pro. The Tile Pro | Scape X  is not just a product offer, it’s a transformative technology that enhances every interaction, and this partnership will result in the World’s Best product offer available today!”

The Tile Pro | Scape X will make its debut at InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas, demonstrating the latest in high-performance interactive technology.

About Interactive Scape

Since 2008, Interactive Scape has been at the forefront of researching and developing multitouch hardware with tangible object recognition. As digital pioneers and world leaders in object recognition technology, the Berlin-based company delivers powerful and innovative hardware solutions supporting a wide range of use cases such as engaging and educational exhibits in museums, collaborative tools in corporate settings, and immersive experiences at trade shows and events. These solutions enable multiple users to interact simultaneously on large multitouch displays, enhancing user engagement and providing memorable interactive experiences.


DISPLAX is recognized as the world's premier touchscreen technology manufacturer, spanning across 6 Continents. Its Projected Capacitive Multitouch Technology for Ultra Large Touchscreens has revolutionized human-machine interaction across various sectors. From Outdoor environments to Self-Service Kiosks, Casinos to Medical facilities, and from Industrial to Commercial Touch displays, our solutions cater to diverse needs. With a relentless pursuit of innovation, DISPLAX has introduced groundbreaking advancements and achieved significant milestones in the PCAP field. Headquartered in Portugal, Europe, our global footprint extends with a direct presence in the USA and Asia. 

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Interactive Scape and DISPLAX invite you to experience the future of interaction at InfoComm 2024 with the Tile Pro | Scape X

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