Premium Multitouch Displays and Tables with optional Object Recognition

Our exclusive, professional P-Cap multitouch hardware solutions can be combined and expanded to suit your individual needs. Whether you need a Scape® Tangible display with or without one of our table frames - Lab, Movable and Pro - our premium hardware guarantees high quality and durability. Our frameless displays are ideal for custom installation, both vertically and horizontally. Powered by Scape X® Engine, the world's leading AI-based object recognition technology, our professional displays are the most advanced platform for interactive multi-touch applications.

Tangible Display

Our professional multitouch displays with optional capacitive object recognition technology are ready-to-use and convince with a high and durable quality. Our multitouch screens enable several users at the same time to use and interact with the application.

Scape® Tangible, our multitouch display with optional object recognition.
55", 65"
Available sizes
4K/UHD Displays
Premium Sensor

P-Cap sensors with 80+ touch points (USB) / 100+ touch points (TUIO)


Above-average brightness
of panels (700 Candela)


Reliable 24/7 use due totemperature monitorin

Scape® Movable is our most versatile multitouch table with adjustable height and display orientation.

Scape® Movable

Our most versatile multitouch table. Our Scape Movable can be easily moved by means of wheels. In addition, it is height-adjustable and the display can be steplessly adjusted from a horizontal to a vertical position.

Height adjustable
Scape® Lab: our flexible multitouch table on wheels for labs, educational institutions, conferences, and training courses.

Scape® Lab

Flexible and solid at the same time - this is what characterizes our Scape Lab. The multitouch table on wheels is particularly suitable for use in laboratories and educational institutions or at conferences and training courses.

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One multitouch table, many PCs
Scape® Pro Multitouch Table is our versatile all-rounder: Ideal for showrooms, retail, collaboration, and events.

Scape® Pro

The impressive all-rounder: whether in showrooms, at the point of sale, for collaboration or in exhibitions and trade fairs - the Scape Pro impresses with its high-quality design and solid quality at the same time.

Add storage shelves for objects

Our Customers


Is the table transportable?

We have high-quality and stable flightcases for the different Scape® Pro variants for transport.

The impressive all-rounder: whether in showrooms, at the point of sale, for collaboration or in exhibitions and trade fairs - the Scape® Pro impresses with its high-quality design and solid quality at the same time.

How many IDs are available and can be used on the display at the same time?

With our patented smart Scape X® Object Recognition you experience the highest rotation angle and position accuracy, sensitivity and speed (no jittering). Our AI trained displays recognize up to 24 IDs regularly, for custom requests we can provide over 100 IDs by simultaniously having all touchpoints of the display at your service.
In special cases, we can provide an unlimited number of touch points and objects on one display.

Thanks to the Scape X® Engine, you are now able to change IDs directly in the user interface of your display, as well as changing position and rotation angle or the offset of objects. Easy made, easily reset to the default (original) state by one click.

No false touches possible, therefore also works perfectly with Windows touch applications. Our objects can also be placed on the display for hours without being lost by the system.

What makes the Scape® Tangible displays more durable and high-quality compared to other competitor solutions?

Our Scape® Tangible displays are premium devices developed by ourselves over many years and professionally integrated in Germany according to our specifications. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not just enhance consumer hardware, but research and develop our own professional closed hardware systems with unique technologies patented by us. These systems are mature, high-quality products, undergo extensive quality tests and are designed and certified for intensive continuous use in demanding environments, which can also be seen in the materials and components chosen. In addition, our hardware systems, with the activation of the Scape X® Engine, enable worldwide unique possibilities through the integrated artificial intelligence and the accompanying quality and flexibility of our touch and object recognition.

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