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Scape® Lab

The perfect blend of flexibilty and stability enables you to elevate your creativity. The professional open frame display with its wheeled steel frame is designed for 24/7 operation and allows for the use of different PCs. Empower innovation at your workplace.

AI Powered

Optional premium object recognition with artificial intellegence


Certified for vertical and horizontal use


Reliable 24/7 use due totemperature monitoring


Mounting plate also allows use with different PCs


Above-average brightness of panels (700 Candela)

Flexible & Stable

Wheels allow to easily and safely move the table around

Introducing the Scape® Lab:

Flexibility and stability - that is what sets our Scape® Lab apart. This wheeled table is ideal for use in laboratories, institutes, offices and educational institutions. The easily accessible mounting plate allows it to be used with different PCs, so the table can be shared between different parties.

Our Customers


Is the PC already integrated in the Scape® Tangible Displays and various tables or do I need an external PC?

No application PC is integrated in our Scape® Tangible displays. This has the advantage for you that you can freely select the PC according to your special requirements and, if necessary, also upgrade it without the screen playing a role. In the screens, there is a computing unit running the firmware that enables touch and object recognition. For applications, however, an external computer is needed, which must be connected to the display with video output and USB (USB Touch) or Ethernet (TUIO) cable. This PC can come pre-configured from us, but it does not have to - you can also use your own PC or laptop.With our tables, it depends: The Scape® Lab comes without a PC as standard, as this is often purchased by universities, institutes, etc. who want to use the same table with several departments and therefore different PCs. With Scape® Pro and Movable, the PC is an integral part of the overall concept, with precisely fitting storage areas for our PC models and corresponding cabling, ventilation, etc. In case of doubt, it is not advisable to use your own PC here - but it is generally possible, so please contact us to discuss any questionmark around this.

Other Products

Scape® Movable

While effortlessly rolling on wheels it is also height-adjustable and offers the ability to seamlessly switch between horizontal and vertical display orientations. Discover the freedom to transform your interactive space.

Scape® Pro

With its brushed stainless steel table frame and the option for a one ore two -sided deposit the Scape® Pro is the perfect fit for every occasion. Discover new ways of collaboration and create lasting impressions.

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