The world's best Multitouch Object Recognition Scape X®

Fascinating and lasting experiences for customers, business partners and employees – according to the requirements of our customers we offer powerful and innovative software and hardware solutions for multi-user systems on large multi-touch displays. The best of both worlds: we combine real objects with digital experiences through our world-leading object recognition technology Scape X®. Content and information about an object can be digitally experienced and grasped.

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Unique Multitouch Platform

Discover the future of multitouch: Our Scape® tables and displays, powered by the unique, patented AI-driven Scape X® technology, redefine the possibilities of multi-user interaction. Experience the world's best PCAP multitouch object recognition in our sophisticated, durable, and versatile premium hardware, suitable for a wide range of applications. Effortless integration via TUIO API.

Scape X®



Tangible Displays


Table Models

Unique Multitouch Platform

Explore the future of multitouch with Scape® tables and displays, featuring patented AI-driven Scape X® technology for revolutionary multi-user interaction. Experience unmatched PCAP multitouch object recognition in our durable, versatile hardware, ideal for various applications. Easy integration with TUIO API.




Tangible Display



Scape X®


Our patented artificial intelligence-based multi-touch technology with 24 passive object IDs as standard, >100 simultaneous touch points, the world's first transparent objects and many other unique benefits. High-performance touch and object recognition that enables unique interactions and applications.

Communicate using the standardised, open source TUIO protocol and API

Create Your

Software Application with

... and many more

One API to rule them all: TUIO is an open source framework for tangible multitouch surfaces. Seamlessly transfer interactive surface data, including touch events and object states, to any client application. Build your own application, choose one of our expert partners, or contact us for a customised software solution.

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Your Key Benefits

worldwide unique, award-winning, patented premium recognition technology

the most flexible, smallest, accurate and stable tokens available, optionally transparent

ideal for complex multi-user interactive applications on one collaborative digital surface

Our Customers

As E.ON Energy Infrastructure Solutions we are intelligently transforming how energy is generated and supplied in a sustainable, reliable and affordable way.​ Interactive Scape's durable hardware and software systems and unique object recognition technology have been well-received by our teams and stakeholders, simplifying and enhancing the presentation opportunities of E.ON Energy Infrastructure Solutions. In our showrooms and on trade shows the EIS Mastertable setup allows us to convey our solution portfolio to diverse stakeholders on one digital touch table.

Jens Kleine

Global Marketing Manager

Scape X®

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) has never been so intuitive: Scape X® Mobile enables the seamless connection of mobile phones with large-format multitouch displays and tables. Content on your personal smartphone can be presented, edited and shared securely and collaboratively on the media table.

News & Events

Interactive Scape and Advanced Silicon Showcase Innovative Technologies and Global Partners at ISE 2024

Interactive Scape, the leader in AI-based object recognition technologies, announces its participation in the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. This year’s theme is a celebration of the rapidly growing ...

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Sartorius Brand Space awarded Red Dot Design Award

We're honoured to be part of the team behind the Sartorius Brand Space, which has won a Red Dot Design Award! The holistic concept for the brand space was developed by the strategists, designers and architects of the ...

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Scape X® - Best 'Collaboration & Conferencing' Product

Our AI-based Scape X® object recognition technology was awarded the prize for best product at The AVard 2022 Gala in Hamburg on 20 October. Interactive Scape's patented multitouch technology prevailed against almost 30 ...

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Integrated Systems Europe

Visit us at ISE between January 30th and February 2nd 2024 in Barcelona, the largest AV systems integration show in the world.

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