Experience Hybrid

Meeting face-to-face isn't always possible. But that shouldn't mean you have to miss out on exceptional experiences. So we've created an online alternative.

Want to get a deeper insight into our products and services whilst taking part in a hybrid presentation? Then book your virtual product demo our Rooftop Lab, a unique immersive showroom above Berlin's skyline.

In a first video call, we'll show you our hybrid space and offer a closer look at our company and product worlds. Here's what you can expect:

About us

At Interactive Scape we are passionate about delivering top-notch multitouch solutions with object recognition for multi-user experiences. Our mission is to create premium technology that seamlessly integrates into user experiences, enabling people to concentrate on high-quality content, complex data and individual storytelling.

Our patented AI-based capacitive object recognition technology, Scape X®, is the leading solution for large-format touch surfaces, providing a premium and unique experience for hybrid communication. From interactive presentations and experiences at exhibitions, museums, brand spaces, and trade shows, to collaborative planning and meeting scenarios in smart city, energy transition, control rooms, and new work environments, Scape X® has been successfully deployed in various industries and use cases worldwide.

We value collaboration and teamwork. That's why we have a strong partner network that includes companies and organizations worldwide creating valuable solutions with our technology. Our partners use Scape X® to create immersive and engaging interactive experiences that push the boundaries of what's possible with interactive technology.

Interactive Scape – shaping human interaction.

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