Welcome to our Academy, where we unlock the secrets of multitouch object recognition. Here we share valuable tips, tricks and insights from our years of experience. Dive into helpful content, explore code snippets and learn from customer and partner reports. Get our take on market trends and technologies, and find guidance on choosing your ideal setup.

TUIO Client for Unity: How to Easily Develop Multi-Touch Applications with Object Recognition in Unity

When we introduce our multitouch tables and present the possibilities of object recognition, the WOW effect is always great. Same works for the impressive multitouch applications with object recognition that our customers and ...

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The alternative to MultiTaction object recognition technology

As the first widely used multi-touch object recognition on the market, MultiTaction’s Codice™ markers have long been a favourite in showrooms, brand spaces and exhibitions. Objects, markers, or tokens add an exciting new level ...

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Object recognition for web applications

Many of our clients and partners prefer to develop their own applications with our object recognition technology, and we’re always happy to support this! Integrating our object recognition is easier than you might think. The ...

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Multi-touch with object recognition: 4 steps to success

You have seen a multi-touch table at an exhibition, in a showroom or at a trade fair, were impressed by the object recognition and would like to implement the same? Or do you already have an application but want to integrate ...

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Choosing a Content Management System for your multi-touch display? 6 things to look out for

Whether you’re working on a showroom, brand space, exhibition or collaborative planning project, you’ll most likely have spent hours planning and researching your story – what you want your audience to know, and the best way ...

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Multi-touch object recognition: What is it? How does it work?

We explain the different types of touchscreen object recogntion in detail and reveal our tips for hardware research, so you too can become an object recognition expert.

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Which touchscreen is best? We compare the 4 most common touch technologies

Tablet, smartphone, information desk, ticket machine or touch table – touch technology has made its way into all areas of life. There are a variety of touch technologies available that work in different ways, tracking touches ...

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How Digital Twin technology is improving our daily lives

In recent years, the “digital twin” concept has grown in popularity due to its enormous potential and seemingly endless possible uses. Here, we explain what a digital twin is, where the idea came from, and how many industries ...

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What is IoT?

The Internet of Things, often abbreviated to IoT, is a network of devices which collect data and share it with each other. Put simply, it is a bit like a social network, but for things. The objects contain sensors or other ...

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What is digital twin?

A digital twin is an exact virtual representation or simulation of a physical object or system. The object itself can be anything: an engine, a machine, a building, even the entire planet! But the digital twin is much more ...

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