Object recognition for web applications

Many of our clients and partners prefer to develop their own applications with our object recognition technology, and we’re always happy to support this! Integrating our object recognition is easier than you might think. The app just needs to communicate via the TUIO protocol, the standard network protocol for object recognition and multi-touch. As TUIO is open source, you can develop applications without restriction, and clients are freely available for most standard programming languages.

In this blog post, we’ll dive a little deeper into a question we’re hearing more and more often: how do I use object recognition in a web app?

As our object recognition technology currently only works with our hardware, this post will specifically lay out the steps for implementing Scape X® object recognition with web apps on our screens. It may not be representative of the process for other hardware providers. So you’ll need the following:

In the source code of our Touch and Object Assistant (IP address on our displays), you’ll find these three lines:

this.init = function (){
this.tuioReceiver = new WebsocketTuioReceiver(“ws://+location.hostname+”:3343/”);
this.tuio20Client = new Tuio20Client(this.tuioReceiver);

You can simply copy these into your own code at the point where you would register other event listeners and event handlers, such as for mouse or keyboard events. In addition to the TUIO Listener, you may also need the TUIO commands (Refresh, Add, Remove, and Update) depending on which functionalities your app should have.

Of course, we're always happy to answer any questions you might have - get in touch with us or book a virtual demo for more object recognition inspiration!

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