Everything you ever wanted to know about our multitouch object recognition solutions is just a click away in our comprehensive FAQ section. Dive into detailed answers to common questions, expert tips, and practical advice. From basics to advanced nuances, we’ve got you covered, ensuring you make the most of our cutting-edge technology. Your curiosity, our expertise – discover all in our FAQs.

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Are there any license fees?

We offer our Easire® Cloud CMS, a content management system tailored to your project for the easy and efficient management of your content, such as texts, images, videos, and more - accessible directly via web browser from any location and usable by multiple editors simultaneously. The cloud system provides a unique data structure and the highest security standards. Additionally, we provide service & remote support, regular backups, and updates.

There are various licensing models available for using the Easire® Cloud CMS, from the Silver package to the Enterprise solution, there is something for every need. Please contact us for personalized consultation.

Can I also add videos?

Yes, that is totally possible. You can add videos and GIFs in standardized formats. If you have special requirements, we'll have a look and find a solution. And if you wonder: you can also add and change images, texts, map materials, PDFs, icons etc. All standard file formats can be integrated into your application, also special formats are no problem if we know what you need. All your contents and media can be easily managed via your specially tailored web-based CMS – anytime, anywhere.

Can I also use the app on my computer/tablet/smartphone?

Yes, it is possible, as long as we consider and define the specific requirements at the very beginning of the project. We usually build our interactive apps to be used with objects on large multi-touch screens, with the user experience and user interface specifically designed for a multi-user scenario. if the app is also intended to run on other devices, we can discuss the use cases, technical and hardware constraints in an initial workshop and share our many years of experience with such setups.

Can I change content there myself?

Yes, that is totally possible. You can add, edit and maintain all your contents, e.g.images, texts, videos, icons easily by yourself via your specifically tailored web-based content management system – anytime, anywhere.

Can I integrate the Scape® Tangible displays into my own exhibits or furniture?

Of course. Our displays are frameless and designed to be professionally integrated into a variety of table models, exhibits or furniture. In our webshop you can always download the technical drawings of our products as well as the comprehensive instruction manuals, e.g. with information on housing and ventilation. But of course we would like to warmly recommend a look at our tables, which, after many years of development and a lot of experience, have been designed in the way they are now on offer.

Can I manage several apps with the same CMS?

This is indeed possible. Best to consider this requirement for your application(s) in the initial concept or kick off phase of the project.

We implemented this feature many times, for example for the applications we developed with the Germany Spy Museum, where they use one and the same CMS to constantly update and maintain media files and contents - which are shown daily on over 150 displays all around the museums exhibitions.

Can I switch between languages?

Sí, Evet, 是的, Yes - for sure. Our foreign language module allows the integration of many different languages, including non-Latin scripts such as Chinese. You can easily maintain the individual translations of your contents in your application via our user-friendly Easire Cloud CMS.

Do you offer consultation/workshops to develop application ideas?

Depending on whether you already have a finished UI/UX concept, if a detailed briefing is available or an individual consultation with concept development is desired − we are open to all options and are happy to advise on the appropriate procedure for an all-round successful project development. We therefore offer different frameworks like workshops, briefing sessions or a kick off meetings.

Does this work with any mobile phone?

Scape X®Mobile is a patented, AI-based multi-touch technology for seamless sharing of digital information from any smartphone. We trained the AI module (integrated in our displays) to recognize the vast variety of mobile phones independent from their individual brand or operating system.

So you can free your content from the mobile screen and use the large-format digital table for collaborative usage scenarios and intuitive sharing of media and data.

How do I become a partner?

Become a partner of Interactive Scape, one of the world's most innovative companies in the field of multi-touch systems with optional object recognition. Whether through attractive discounts for resellers, commissions for lead partners or a cooperation for the joint marketing of complementary products: we are always looking for smart, qualitative partners who complement our network and our solution portfolio to mutual benefit.

How expensive is it?

The calculation for an individual custom application depends on many different factors, e.g. the complexity of the application, the provision of (usable) graphical input, contents, the range of functions and features desired, and many more. Our application development usually starts at 15.000 € net for a basic version - from there only the sky is the limit. Please have a look at our reference page the gain some inspiration or book a virtual demo to learn more about our multitouch hardware and interactive applications. How to proceed if you already have your own concept or in case you like to have us at your site for a conceptual workshop - you can read here.

How is my mobile phone recognized? How does it work?

Recognized is the capacitive effect of the phone with the exact position on the screen, we also attach the specific phone with an unique ID via the motion sensor of the mobile phone and build a connection via any communication channel like internet, local network, via Bluetooth etc.

To use this setup, you need one of our tables and the mobile application to maintain the connection.

How many IDs are available and can be used on the display at the same time?

With our patented smart Scape X® Object Recognition you experience the highest rotation angle and position accuracy, sensitivity and speed (no jittering). Our AI trained displays recognize up to 24 IDs regularly, for custom requests we can provide over 100 IDs by simultaniously having all touchpoints of the display at your service.
In special cases, we can provide an unlimited number of touch points and objects on one display.

Thanks to the Scape X® Engine, you are now able to change IDs directly in the user interface of your display, as well as changing position and rotation angle or the offset of objects. Easy made, easily reset to the default (original) state by one click.

No false touches possible, therefore also works perfectly with Windows touch applications. Our objects can also be placed on the display for hours without being lost by the system.

How safe is my private data on the mobile phone, do you get access to that?

It is completely safe. The table can only connect to your phone when you actively allow the process – that also applies for any content you like to share – it can only be accessed with your permission and active sharing.

Is the PC already integrated in the Scape® Tangible Displays and various tables or do I need an external PC?

No application PC is integrated in our Scape® Tangible displays. This has the advantage for you that you can freely select the PC according to your special requirements and, if necessary, also upgrade it without the screen playing a role. In the screens, there is a computing unit running the firmware that enables touch and object recognition. For applications, however, an external computer is needed, which must be connected to the display with video output and USB (USB Touch) or Ethernet (TUIO) cable. This PC can come pre-configured from us, but it does not have to - you can also use your own PC or laptop.With our tables, it depends: The Scape® Lab comes without a PC as standard, as this is often purchased by universities, institutes, etc. who want to use the same table with several departments and therefore different PCs. With Scape® Pro and Movable, the PC is an integral part of the overall concept, with precisely fitting storage areas for our PC models and corresponding cabling, ventilation, etc. In case of doubt, it is not advisable to use your own PC here - but it is generally possible, so please contact us to discuss any questionmark around this.

Is the table transportable?

We have high-quality and stable flightcases for the different Scape® Pro variants for transport.

The impressive all-rounder: whether in showrooms, at the point of sale, for collaboration or in exhibitions and trade fairs - the Scape® Pro impresses with its high-quality design and solid quality at the same time.

What does object ID mean?

Each of our physical objects has an own ID. This way, the display can differentiate between objects. Thus, if an object is placed on the display, the individual content which was attached to it via our Easire Content Management System is shown on the display. Our displays can differentiate between 24 individual IDs of our standard objects. If more IDs are required, we can do this with slightly larger custom objects or by a smart application architecture solution. Any number of contents (PDFs, videos, images, texts, games, websites) can be assigned to an ID, that is, to an object.

What if an object gets stolen?

We hear this question often at the begin of new project with new clients. Except for unforeseen cases of vandalism, we can only say that we have hardly ever had this reported back to us as an incident. Should this ever happen to your set of objects at a fair show or museum, fear not - our new Scape X object recognition technology enables our clients to easily change the ID of an object to any other desired or required ID within seconds directly at your multitouch display. No assistance from us or any additional software is needed. All you need is the preconfigurated Touch and Object Assistant which can be found here (DE | EN).

What makes the Scape® Tangible displays more durable and high-quality compared to other competitor solutions?

Our Scape® Tangible displays are premium devices developed by ourselves over many years and professionally integrated in Germany according to our specifications. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not just enhance consumer hardware, but research and develop our own professional closed hardware systems with unique technologies patented by us. These systems are mature, high-quality products, undergo extensive quality tests and are designed and certified for intensive continuous use in demanding environments, which can also be seen in the materials and components chosen. In addition, our hardware systems, with the activation of the Scape X® Engine, enable worldwide unique possibilities through the integrated artificial intelligence and the accompanying quality and flexibility of our touch and object recognition.

Where can I see your solution up and running?

Our multitouch, object recognition and interactive applications are installed in showrooms & brand spaces, at live events & trade fair shows, in museums, science centres and educational as well as research institutions around the globe, with our main business in Europe.

Have a look at our reference page to learn more about our portfolio of successful projects and also don't miss our partner page to learn more about our ever growing international partner network. This way, you discover even more locations where our solutions have found their way into collaborative work spaces, trade shows and exhibitions. You are also alway welcome to our showroom in the heart of Berlin to experience our products and solutions hands-on.

Which software is compatible with your hardware?

You can develop your own application or contact our partners to do it for you. Thanks to our robust hardware solutions and the revolutionary Scape X® Engine with open access to TUIO, we are enabling everyone to develop multitouch applications with object recognition. All you need is a software framework which is able to communicate via the open source standardized TUIO protocol (e.g. Unity, Ventuz, smartPerform, vvvv, Intuiface, Nuiteq Snowflake and many more). Integration is easy thanks to ready-to-use TUIO libraries in Javascript, C++, C#, Python, Java.

If you want to learn more have a look at

Who is already using your CMS?

Long term approved and successfully used by our customers such as the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Mercedes, E.ON, Siemens, Phoenix Contact, Federal Ministry of Education and Research, German Spy Museum, DDR Museum, Zeiss, TU Munich, HU Berlin, various Fraunhofer Institutes, and many many more.All our applications come with a specifically tailored web-based content management system which enables all our clients and partners to access, maintain and manage their own contents, data and media at anytime, anywhere – all by themselves.

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