Patented, AI-based Tangible PCAP Object Recognition Technology

With our object recognition technology we bring your content to life.
Experience a playful blend between the physical and the digital world.

Scape X®

Introducing the future of digital object recognition: Scape X® Engine — powered by artificial intelligence, multitouch object recognition is taken to new heights of precision, clarity, and invisibility, blending content seamlessly with real objects. Imagine a world where real and virtual merge, creating a truly captivating experience.

First self-learning
Unlimited number
of IDs possible
Premium Sensor

PCAP sensors with 80+ touch points (USB) / 100+ touch points (TUIO)


Recognizes objects, whole hand movements and gestures


AI–controlled recognition module of Interactive Scape

Scape X®

The revolution in digital object recognition: Scape X® - using artificial intelligence, multitouch object recognition becomes even more precise, clearer and almost invisible thanks to the thin, transparent Scape X® Stickers. Real objects now magically merge with the added value of virtual experiences - the WOW effect is guaranteed.


The first transparent multitouch objects of the world


In-house production of the particularly durable objects

Passive Objects

Do not need to be charged

Scape X® Shape, our sleek and compact objects allow you to perfectly navigate and control content on our multitouch displays.

Scape X® Shape

Our Scape X® Shape are extra flat and handy markers that allow you to navigate and control content on multi-touch displays. The fist-sized objects are available in two options: Visible and Invisible. Due to their shape and size, the objects fit well into the hand. Also available with laser engraving on request.

Ergonomic and customizable
Shape X® Tags are slim, transparent or black tokens that are almost invisible to the user, keeping the focus on the tagged object.

Scape X® Tags

With Scape X® Tags, the detection of objects is almost invisible for nearly any kind of product. Exceptionally slim, these black or invisible markers can be easily applied to any object just like a sticker. The tags are no longer visible to the user, the tagged objects stay in the spotlight and the WOW effect is guaranteed.

Very small and easy to use

Scape X® Stickers

Scape X® Stickers are the perfect solution for turning any object into an interactive experience. Simply stick them on a flat surface and get started - quick, uncomplicated and incredibly flexible to use.

Thinnest capacitive object in the world

Scape X® Magnify

Our magnifying glass for the digital age. With this interactive ring, you can intuitively enlarge and scale your desired content, compare content and view it simultaneously with multiple users. Scape X® Magnify is available in two options: Visible and Invisible.

Innovative exploration of content

U.S. Patent No. 12,026,328)

Scape X®

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) has never been so intuitive: Scape X® Mobile enables the seamless connection of mobile phones with large-format multitouch displays and tables. Content on your personal smartphone can be presented, edited and shared securely and collaboratively on the media table.

U.S. Patent No. 11,320,947
Pat. Reg. EP 3574398 (DE, FR, UK, PT)

Our Customers

Bring your application to life with our

Software Development Options

Unlock new levels of engagement and interaction with Easire® Multitouch Frameworks. Our robust hardware solutions and the revolutionary Scape X® Engine with open access to TUIO enable our international partner network as well as everyone interested to develop their own intriguing multitouch applications with object recognition.

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How many IDs are available and can be used on the display at the same time?

With our patented smart Scape X® Object Recognition you experience the highest rotation angle and position accuracy, sensitivity and speed (no jittering). Our AI trained displays recognize up to 24 IDs regularly, for custom requests we can provide over 100 IDs by simultaniously having all touchpoints of the display at your service.
In special cases, we can provide an unlimited number of touch points and objects on one display.

Thanks to the Scape X® Engine, you are now able to change IDs directly in the user interface of your display, as well as changing position and rotation angle or the offset of objects. Easy made, easily reset to the default (original) state by one click.

No false touches possible, therefore also works perfectly with Windows touch applications. Our objects can also be placed on the display for hours without being lost by the system.

How safe is my private data on the mobile phone, do you get access to that?

It is completely safe. The table can only connect to your phone when you actively allow the process – that also applies for any content you like to share – it can only be accessed with your permission and active sharing.

How is my mobile phone recognized? How does it work?

Recognized is the capacitive effect of the phone with the exact position on the screen, we also attach the specific phone with an unique ID via the motion sensor of the mobile phone and build a connection via any communication channel like internet, local network, via Bluetooth etc.

To use this setup, you need one of our tables and the mobile application to maintain the connection.

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