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Scape X® Tags

Empowering seamless object recognition, even on uneven surfaces. These slim, transparent or black tokens act like stickers, almost invisible to the user, keeping the focus on the tagged object. Seamlessly integrate our Scape X® Tags into your display for smooth interaction with your items.


Thin, flat and small to give your product all the attention it deserves

Easy to Use

Just attach it level to your objects base and start your experience


24 IDs as standard and even more IDs possible


The first transparent multitouch objects in the world


In-house production of the particularly durable objects

Passive Objects

Do not need to be charged

Introducing Shape X® Tags - Small, Light, Invisible!

With Scape X® Tags, the detection of objects is almost invisible for nearly any kind of product. Exceptionally slim (height1.5 mm, Ø 48mm), these invisible (alternatively black) markers can be easily applied to any object. The tags are no longer visible to the user, the tagged objects stay in the spotlight and the WOW effect is guaranteed.

Scape X® Tags are a new highlight as sensory communication carriers. They are easy  to use and sustainable, providing an eventful way of communication and knowledge transfer as well as best reactivity and accuracy with no false touches.

Our Customers


Which software is compatible with your hardware?

You can develop your own application or contact our partners to do it for you. Thanks to our robust hardware solutions and the revolutionary Scape X® Engine with open access to TUIO, we are enabling everyone to develop multitouch applications with object recognition. All you need is a software framework which is able to communicate via the open source standardized TUIO protocol (e.g. Unity, Ventuz, smartPerform, vvvv, Intuiface, Nuiteq Snowflake and many more). Integration is easy thanks to ready-to-use TUIO libraries in Javascript, C++, C#, Python, Java.

If you want to learn more have a look at

How many IDs are available and can be used on the display at the same time?

With our patented smart Scape X® Object Recognition you experience the highest rotation angle and position accuracy, sensitivity and speed (no jittering). Our AI trained displays recognize up to 24 IDs regularly, for custom requests we can provide over 100 IDs by simultaniously having all touchpoints of the display at your service.
In special cases, we can provide an unlimited number of touch points and objects on one display.

Thanks to the Scape X® Engine, you are now able to change IDs directly in the user interface of your display, as well as changing position and rotation angle or the offset of objects. Easy made, easily reset to the default (original) state by one click.

No false touches possible, therefore also works perfectly with Windows touch applications. Our objects can also be placed on the display for hours without being lost by the system.

Other Products

Scape X® Shape

Perfectly navigate and control content on our Multitouch Displays with these sleek and compact shapes. Choose between transparent and black versions and even personalize them with laser engraving. Precision at your fingertips!

Scape X® Magnify

Zoom, compare, and view content together with multiple users using this interactive ring. Available in two versions: Visible and Invisible.

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