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Scape X® Magnify

Zoom, compare, and view content together with multiple users using this interactive ring. Available in two versions: Visible and Invisible.


Experience a way of interacting with media and data on multitouch displays as you never did before


Intuitively zoom in/out of high-res images, explore layered georeferenced data, directly compare data


Share the big picture with others around while diving into your own journey


The first transparent multitouch objects in the world


In-house production of the particularly durable objects

Passive Objects

Do not need to be charged

Introducing Scape X® Magnify - Your digital era magnifier!

Our magnifying glass for the digital age, now also completely transparent - for even more design possibilities.Scape X Magnify takes you on a unique virtual tour of your favourite places! Combining historical maps with geo-referenced data allows multiple visitors to travel through time - and discover extraordinary things!

With this interactive ring, you have a haptic tool with which you can intuitively enlarge and scale your desired contents, explore images and maps, compare data and easily zoom into various layers of information - simultaneously with others around the digital table.

Our Customers


Which software is compatible with your hardware?

You can develop your own application or contact our partners to do it for you. Thanks to our robust hardware solutions and the revolutionary Scape X® Engine with open access to TUIO, we are enabling everyone to develop multitouch applications with object recognition. All you need is a software framework which is able to communicate via the open source standardized TUIO protocol (e.g. Unity, Ventuz, smartPerform, vvvv, Intuiface, Nuiteq Snowflake and many more). Integration is easy thanks to ready-to-use TUIO libraries in Javascript, C++, C#, Python, Java.

If you want to learn more have a look at

What if an object gets stolen?

We hear this question often at the begin of new project with new clients. Except for unforeseen cases of vandalism, we can only say that we have hardly ever had this reported back to us as an incident. Should this ever happen to your set of objects at a fair show or museum, fear not - our new Scape X object recognition technology enables our clients to easily change the ID of an object to any other desired or required ID within seconds directly at your multitouch display. No assistance from us or any additional software is needed. All you need is the preconfigurated Touch and Object Assistant which can be found here (DE | EN).

Other Products

Scape X® Stickers

Almost invisible and effortless to apply on any flat surface, these revolutionary stickers simplify object recognition. With a wide variety available, equip numerous products for seamless interaction. Transform ordinary objects into captivating interactive experiences with ease. Dive into the world of Scape X® Stickers and discover a whole new dimension of interactivity!

Scape X® Tags

Empowering seamless object recognition, even on uneven surfaces. These slim, transparent or black tokens act like stickers, almost invisible to the user, keeping the focus on the tagged object. Seamlessly integrate our Scape X® Tags into your display for smooth interaction with your items.

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