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Scape X® Engine

Our mandatory module for seamless object detection. AI-driven and constantly evolving through research, our technology has revolutionized object recognition, making us global leaders, particularly with our capacitive technology integration.

Premium Sensor

PCAP sensors with 80+ touch points (USB) / 100+ touch points (TUIO)


AI–controlled recognition module of Interactive Scape


First self-learning display


Recognizes objects, whole hand movements and gestures


Faster, more precise, clearer, more sensitive in object recognition


The first transparent multitouch objects in the world

Introducing Scape X® Engine - Unleash the Power of Object Recognition!

Introducing the future of digital object recognition: Scape X® Engine — powered by artificial intelligence, multitouch object recognition is taken to new heights of precision, clarity, and invisibility, blending content seamlessly with real objects. Imagine a world where real and virtual merge, creating a truly captivating experience.

Sporting Scape X® Engine, the world's leading object recognition module powered by AI, our latest generation of displays are the cutting-edge platform for interactive multitouch applications.

Our Customers


Which software is compatible with your hardware?

You can develop your own application or contact our partners to do it for you. Thanks to our robust hardware solutions and the revolutionary Scape X® Engine with open access to TUIO, we are enabling everyone to develop multitouch applications with object recognition. All you need is a software framework which is able to communicate via the open source standardized TUIO protocol (e.g. Unity, Ventuz, smartPerform, vvvv, Intuiface, Nuiteq Snowflake and many more). Integration is easy thanks to ready-to-use TUIO libraries in Javascript, C++, C#, Python, Java.

If you want to learn more have a look at

What does object ID mean?

Each of our physical objects has an own ID. This way, the display can differentiate between objects. Thus, if an object is placed on the display, the individual content which was attached to it via our Easire Content Management System is shown on the display. Our displays can differentiate between 24 individual IDs of our standard objects. If more IDs are required, we can do this with slightly larger custom objects or by a smart application architecture solution. Any number of contents (PDFs, videos, images, texts, games, websites) can be assigned to an ID, that is, to an object.

Other Products

Scape X® Mobile

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) has never been so intuitive: Scape X® Mobile enables the seamless connection of mobile phones with large-format multitouch displays and tables. Content on your personal smartphone can be presented, edited and shared securely and collaboratively on the media table.

Scape X® Stickers

Almost invisible and effortless to apply on any flat surface, these revolutionary stickers simplify object recognition. With a wide variety available, equip numerous products for seamless interaction. Transform ordinary objects into captivating interactive experiences with ease. Dive into the world of Scape X® Stickers and discover a whole new dimension of interactivity!

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