Intelligence of Innovative Architecture

Installation & Services

Use Case Focus

Showroom & Brandspace

Museum & Exhibition

Trade Fair & Event

Retail & POS

Meeting & New Work


EXPERIENCES Since 25 years, reputation of 3D realtime interactive concept Pioneer

PROTOTYPE Showroom in Paris to prototype unique concept in many use cases

REFERENCES The confidence of luxury brands all along the years

+33 1 80 87 32 37

Paris, 49 rue Rodier, 75009

United Arab Emirates




The goal is to think first about uses, to allow customers to access a product or service that previously seemed out of reach, by creating new value, by designing and accompanying new solutions in sustainable development.

Through its Unique Methods, the SIA (Smart Immersive Archi’tec) measures the social impacts on modes of thought, the relationship to time, the adoption of new organizations, a new mode of operation, new economic models, new professions like its «Smart Immersive Archi’tec».

The mission of the SIA goes beyond that of consulting, but integrates all the activities of the value chain at the heart of innovation, placing the Human at the center of all its concepts.

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