Advanced Silicon and Interactive Scape bring first results of R&D partnership to market

European companies work together to further improve multi-touch object recognition and ensure long-term supply capability 

BERLIN, Germany and LAUSANNE, Switzerland - Advanced Silicon S.A. and Interactive Scape GmbH today announced exciting breakthroughs resulting from their innovative R&D partnership. Together, the European companies are developing a new generation of multi-touch surfaces with AI-powered object and smartphone recognition, the first of which are already available for purchase.

“We’re very happy to have found a reliable partner with whom we will be able to scale our hardware business”, says Hauke Helmer, CEO and founder of Interactive Scape. “Sensor data is transmitted quickly and reliably with a low signal-to-noise ratio; ideal prerequisites for the neural networks which enable our extremely precise, trainable capacitive recognition. We look forward to bringing Scape X® object and smartphone recognition to the next level and integrating our neural sensing technology to make the most of Advanced Silicon’s cutting-edge systems.”

Together Advanced Silicon and Interactive Design are developing a new generation of multi-touch surfaces with AI-powered object and smartphone recognition.

The partnership has ensured availability of capacitive displays and strengthened supply chains following the sudden discontinuation of 3M sensors and controllers last year. The new sensor technology is already built into Interactive Scape’s best-selling Scape® Tangible 55” screens, with the 65” version expected to be on the market in early 2023. Thanks to silver nanowire sensor technology, the new displays offer very high light transmission and picture quality without a moiré effect. 

The newest generation of Scape® Tangible displays uses premium touch sensors and controllers made by Advanced Silicon.

“We are excited by our new collaboration with Interactive Scape, a great team with great vision matching Advanced Silicon strategy for next generation Touch Screens technology” says Dr. Hussein Ballan, CEO and founder of Advanced Silicon. “The tangible objects, Tactors®, interacting with touch screens have been our focus for many years. We strongly believe this technology will be a breakthrough and become the de facto solution for future Human Machine Interfaces. We believe the opportunity of having Scape X® running on our systems will bring the most leading and competitive interactive platforms to the market.”

About Interactive Scape

Interactive Scape researches and develops innovative hardware and software that seamlessly combines physical objects with the unlimited possibilities of the digital world. As digital pioneers and world leaders in multi-touch object recognition technology, the Berlin-based company provides unique, tangible data visualization and software solutions for exceptional user experiences and intuitive human-machine interaction. 

About Advanced Silicon

Advanced Silicon is a fabless Integrated Circuit (IC) company developing and delivering Electronic Systems as well as mixed-mode ICs for standard and specific applications. The company has a wide experience in IC development and is a leader of technology in the field of ultra-low noise photon sensing, very high-sensitivity capacitive sensing, and high-performance specialty microcontrollers. The company provides cutting edge solutions for high-end applications in Medical, Aerospace, Industrial and Consumer market segments.

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