Interactive Scape and Advanced Silicon Showcase Innovative Technologies and Global Partners at ISE 2024

Berlin, Germany - January 19th, 2024 - Interactive Scape, the leader in AI-based object recognition technologies, announces its participation in the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. This year’s theme is a celebration of the rapidly growing global partner network, highlighting the company's commitment to fostering strong connections that enhance customer projects worldwide.

Award-Winning Tech on Display: Interactive Scape Teams Up with Advanced Silicon in Hall 2

The event will take place from January 30th to February 2nd in Barcelona, with Interactive Scape occupying booth 2U200 in Hall 2. Again in collaboration with their Suisse technology partner Advanced Silicon. Together they will showcase their latest products and developments centered around the award-winning Scape X® Object Recognition technology.

Interactive Scape and Advanced Silicon will be found at Booth No. 2U200 in Hall 2 on ISE 2024 in Barcelona
"Together with Interactive Scape, we have developed a robust and capable hardware platform that is being utilized by customers globally. We firmly believe in the breakthrough potential of this technology, envisioning it as the future standard for Human-Machine Interfaces. The integration of Scape X® with our systems is poised to bring to market some of the most advanced and competitive interactive platforms." says Dr. Hussein Ballan, CEO of Advanced Silicon.

Collaborative Innovation: Interactive Scape and Partners Present Groundbreaking Uses of Scape X®

Each day at ISE 2024, Interactive Scape will feature different partner software solutions utilizing their patented technology in novel ways. These demonstrations will be held at a specially designated partner table, emphasizing the versatility and broad applicability of the Scape X® technology across various sectors and regions. Look forward to applications from Warehouse of Interactive Machines, DV Signage, digimago and smartPerform. Additionally, a dedicated partner wall at the event will highlight Interactive Scape’s partnership network and the different partnering options.

Mike Rothmund, CCO of Interactive Scape, expressed the company’s eagerness to explore new partnerships. "Interactive Scape, with the market's leading multitouch and object recognition technology, is ambitiously expanding globally. We're uniting with top-tier distributors, creatives, and software partners to innovate across a spectrum of industries — from Smart City and high-tech Control Rooms to pioneering New Work spaces, Retail environments, and interactive Showrooms. Our technology is transformative, but it's the integration into diverse, cutting-edge applications and systems by our skilled partners that truly creates magic." he stated.

Hall 5 Highlight: Interactive Scape Teams Up with Ventuz for a Special Showcase

Join Interactive Scape and Ventuz at ISE for an immersive demonstration of cutting-edge technology. Experience firsthand the Scape X® Stickers and Scape® Movable multi-touch table, featured at Ventuz's booth 5F400 in Hall 5. This unique, bar-inspired setup showcases the smart recognition of coasters on the table, exemplifying our strides in enhancing multi-touch and object recognition technologies for practical, interactive solutions.

Get Interactive at the ISE Treasure Hunt

Interactive Scape is excited to be one of the 15 focal points in the ISE2024 Treasure Hunt, a thrilling exploration challenge among 1200 exhibitors. Attendees will have the opportunity to discover new technologies and win exceptional prizes. Come by for a chat and to scan the QR code to get a chance.

Interactive Scape invites all attendees to visit their booth to experience the convergence of technology, innovation, and strong global partnerships. For more information, please visit the newly designed homepage at or contact for setting an appointment with the team.

About Interactive Scape

Founded in 2008, Interactive Scape researches and develops innovative hardware and software that seamlessly combines physical objects with the unlimited possibilities of the digital world. As digital pioneers and world leaders in multi-touch object recognition technology, the Berlin-based company provides unique, tangible data visualization and software solutions for exceptional user experiences and intuitive human-machine interaction. 

About Advanced Silicon

Advanced Silicon is a fabless Integrated Circuit(IC) company developing and delivering Electronic Systems as well as mixed-mode ICs for standard and specific applications. The company has a wide experience in IC development and is a leader of technology in the field of ultra-low noise photon sensing, very high-sensitivity capacitive sensing, and high-performance specialty microcontrollers.

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