Interactive Scape and SigmaSense to Showcase the Future of Interactive Experiences at ISE 2022

Interactive Scape and SigmaSense to Showcase the Future of Interactive Experiences at ISE 2022

BARCELONA, Spain – 3rd May 2022 - Interactive Scape and SigmaSense® today announced plans to showcase revolutionary interactive multi-touch digital experiences at Integrated Systems Europe 2022, Booth 2K85, May 10-13, Barcelona. Together the companies will demonstrate Interactive Scape’s tangible AI technology based on SigmaSense enabled high-fidelity multi-touch sensing, a world first high-performance interactive tabletop with smartphone recognition, object detection and an extra-sensitive multi-touch surface.

“Interactive Scape’s game-changing neural sensing technology leverages the revolutionary impact of SigmaSense software-defined sensing with the speed, accuracy and noise immunity to enable previously impossible experiences on large screens with object detection and identification,” says Rick Seger, CEO of SigmaSense. “SigmaSense captures high-speed, high-resolution data from the physical world to support AI, object recognition, and machine learning algorithms for new HMI sensations and exciting new interactive experiences.”

Hauke Helmer, CEO and founder of Interactive Scape, says: “The fundamental sensing technology breakthroughs achieved by SigmaSense support us in getting more out of technologies we have been using for over a decade. With new levels of high-fidelity data, we can finally make the most of Interactive Scape’s AI-based neural sensing technology to create incredibly responsive applications and world-class object recognition. We look forward to presenting future proof interfaces and connecting the digital with the tangible in exciting new ways.”

SigmaSense sensing technology captures multi-touch sensor data and drastically improves the speed of data transfer up to 300 hertz. This enables Interactive Scape to dive deeper into the research and development of new solutions, fully utilizing the capabilities of artificial intelligence to create state-of-the-art applications and use cases. Using machine learning with neural networks, technological experts from both companies are working to adapt machines to human interaction, not the other way around. The result is groundbreaking innovations, including Scape X® Mobile smartphone recognition and extra-sensitive multi-touch surfaces. The high-performance sensing and noise reduction also make touch and object recognition on LCD and bonded OLED and QLED displays possible, for even more immersive user experiences and a perfect view of content from any angle.

About Interactive Scape

Interactive Scape researches and develops innovative hardware and software that seamlessly combines physical objects with the unlimited possibilities of the digital world. As digital pioneers and world leaders in object recognition technology, the Berlin-based company provides unique, tangible data visualization and software solutions for exceptional user experiences and intuitive human-machine interaction.

About SigmaSense

SigmaSense leads a fundamental technology transformation of the interaction between digital systems and the physical world, ushering in a new era of radically enhanced digital sensing. SigmaSense software defined sensing achieves breakthrough levels of speed, accuracy, resolution, and noise immunity previously deemed impossible. Sensing through the noise, SigmaSense increases the depth and quantity of data and insights that can be captured from the physical world to enable exciting new experiences and capabilities in a wide range of devices including automotive, EV battery, mobile, touch displays and industrial IoT markets.  

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