The Future of Digital Urban Planning: Interactive Scape and the Infocenter Berlin TXL

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Infocenter Berlin TXL! At Interactive Scape, we have been deeply involved in the design of this groundbreaking project. Discover how we have created unique interactive experiences and how technology and human interaction are shaping the city of the future. Immerse yourself and explore...

The Future of Digital Urban Planning and Development

Finally, the time has come! The doors of the Infocenter Berlin TXL are open to the public! Since April 11, 2023, visitors can experience firsthand how the city of the future is taking shape on the site of the former airport. As part of the team, we have been actively involved in this remarkable project for months, and we are thrilled that it has now come to fruition.


The image shows a five-part display wall depicting the future of the Berlin TXL area.
© evelution GmbH
"The new innovation and networking platform for sustainable urban development and urban technologies at the Berlin TXL location is now open. In the digital interactive exhibition 'PAST – PRESENT – FUTURE,' all interested individuals can gain diverse insights into the planning cosmos surrounding the redevelopment of the former Tegel Airport. The Infocenter not only showcases Urban Tech but also sets new standards with its sophisticated digital stations, such as applications for the multitouch table or an augmented reality application. Here, digitization and urban planning practice come together and are continuously evolving."

Marija Marchuk
, Team Leader of the Infocenter Berlin TXL

A First-Class Showroom - Infocenter Berlin TXL

Experience the fascinating world of the Infocenter Berlin TXL, where you can learn everything about the groundbreaking Berlin megaproject Urban Tech Republic. This interactive center offers eight touchscreens, five projections, two video walls, digital flipcharts, movable screens, models, and an object table at your disposal.

Immerse yourself in a multidimensional world where you can experience all the content anywhere. The space can be individually configured, from the lighting and sound design to the display of the content. Everything is seamlessly connected and accessible through a single app. Discover an exceptional atmosphere where guided tours, presentations, livestreams, and hybrid events are just a touch away.

Welcome to a first-class showroom - the Infocenter Berlin TXL.

This impressive video was recorded by our partner © evelution GmbH

Shaping Human Interaction in the City of the Future

At Interactive Scape, we take pride in our contribution to the design of the Infocenter. As the responsible developers of several applications, we have created interactive and immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression on visitors. We are particularly pleased to have been entrusted with the comprehensive media design of the Infocenter. We have placed great importance on ensuring a well-thought-out user interface design, intuitive touchscreen operation, and seamless navigation through the different topics, providing a natural and seamless experience.

Visitors linger in the showroom and observe one of the vertical displays mounted on a freestanding pillar. It showcases information about the "Inspiration Landscape" theme area, displaying images of the TXL site and providing details about the "Green Oases in the Neighborhood Park." All display text is in German.
© Tegel Projekt GmbH / Jan Pauls

The Infocenter Berlin TXL thrives on our impressive display walls. As soon as visitors step through the entrance, they are greeted and captivated digitally. The atmosphere of the space invites you to linger, and the technology provides an immersive and entirely new experience. Our display walls inform about the past, present, and future of the Tegel area. Each of the eight vertical touchscreens engages interactively and intuitively with a specific topic.

One of the highlights is our 65" multitouch table, allowing up to four visitors to explore the entire area independently. This way, everyone can focus on their interests without being overwhelmed by a flood of information. Learning becomes enjoyable!

© evelution GmbH
© Tegel Projekt GmbH / Jan Pauls
© evelution GmbH

And finally, the Idea Atlas invites you to share your thoughts, feedback, and ideas!

Together, We Are Strong

In collaboration with other innovative companies, we have worked to equip the Infocenter with state-of-the-art technology. Our 65" multitouch display Scape® Tangible, for which our sister company werk5 has designed and built a unique design table, allows visitors to playfully explore the approximately 500-hectare area and experience the project's vision for the future.

Form Follows You has developed an impressive AR app that showcases the area's development in time-lapse and visually links it with innovation themes. The seamless installation of media technology in the Berlin TXL Infocenter was carried out by evelution. Collaborating with these brilliant minds has allowed us to create an extraordinary experience for visitors.

The Future of digital Urban Planning: A visitor is using the AR app from Form Follows You on an iPad, which is pointed at the physical model of the Berlin TXL site.
© Tegel Projekt GmbH / Jan Pauls

At this point, we would like to express our special thanks to Marija Marchuk, the team leader of the Infocenter Berlin TXL, who played a crucial role in our collaboration. It brings us great joy to be part of this visionary project and contribute to the advancement of one of Europe's most significant Smart City projects.

Visit the Infocenter Berlin TXL and explore the fascinating world of interactive urban planning and development. Together, we are shaping the future of human interaction in cities!

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