These 3 Berlin companies are creating an experiential info center for TXL

Design and implementation of the digital exhibition in the Berlin TXL Infocenter: Tegel Projekt GmbH chooses three innovative, Berlin-based companies.

BERLIN. 29.11.2021: Interactive Scape GmbH, together with project partners werk5 GmbH und Form Follows You GmbH, has been awarded the contract to design and realise a new digital exhibition in the Infocenter Berlin TXL. The contract objective is the implementation of an interactive digital exhibition in the Infocenter, which will present secondary-use concepts in a forward-looking, user-oriented and tangible way.

After the closure of the airport, a research and industrial park for urban technologies as well as a modern, smart residential area will be built on the site. The Infocenter, on the ground floor of the former administration building, will be the central platform for the secondary-use projects at the Berlin TXL site. The public space is intended to be experienced by a broad spectrum of target groups, to offer participatory services and to connect future users at the innovation location Berlin TXL.Interactive Scape GmbH researches and develops innovative hardware and software solutions that enable multiple users to interact with each other and with tangible objects on a display. As a digital pioneer and world leader in object recognition technology, the company offers unique, tangible data visualisation and software solutions for extraordinary user experiences and intuitive human-machine interaction.werk5 GmbH has been planning and developing model-making craftsmanship, exhibition construction and prototyping for 23 years. As an interdisciplinary team, the company takes on the holistic implementation of individual projects - be it models, interactive exhibit stations or entire exhibitions.Innovation office Form Follows You GmbH combines the spatial understanding of urban and building planning with the dynamics of information technology. The current team combines competences in the fields of architecture and urban planning, information technology and game development as well as political sciences.

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