Block Zero

A communication and design studio

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Experts in finding the important story of a product or company

Designers and technologists collaborating to express the narratives

Using both old and new mediums to effectively communicate the message


Södra förstadsgatan 1, 211 43 Malmö, Sweden


Block Zero

Block Zero is all about creating meaningful digital experiences. We bring your
products, interactive interfaces, and brands to life.

Our unique interactive table offer lies in the power of our expertise in telling stories
with design, using technology in a creative and innovative way. Together with
customers like E.ON, Electrolux, Microsoft and Accenture we have built enticing
solutions which combine physical tokens, thought through narratives, eye-catching
design and real time connected tables and side screens. Using both specialised
business logic algorithms and external data,

Our solution is agnostic of data sources, as well as sector, and has been
successfully deployed in industries as varied as energy and utilities, shipping and
logistics and manufacturing.

We have built interactive tables for half a decade, and Interactive Scapes hardware
and software allow us to make the stories we create with our customers even more
engaging and powerful!

Rasmus Hedin


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