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Digital Experience 3D GmbH, Boserother Str. 37, 53639 Königswinter



DIGITALE is your trusted partner for crafting engaging interactive displays at trade fairs and points of interest. Our expertise lies in developing Digital Twins, including detailed modeling, transformation, and advanced 3D scanning, for use in visualization, animation, and interactive applications across web, PowerPoint®, and apps.

We excel in producing photorealistic CGI, delivering striking key visuals, product images, and animations, along with real-time 3D solutions such as configurators, web apps, and trade fair applications.

Our focus: Creating interactive experiences with seamless user experience (UX) and sophisticated user interfaces (UI), utilizing high-quality digital twin data.

Our solutions are designed with a multi-channel approach and we provide comprehensive support and guidance on how to effectively use our creations.

Our partnership with Interactive Scape allows us to integrate state-of-the-art multitouch applications with our services, providing a seamless and enhanced user experience. Their robust hardware and innovative software solutions are integral to our success.

Martin Jöckel


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