Schuberg Philis

We bridge the gap between business and technology


Use Case Focus

Smart City & Infrastructure

Trade Fair & Event

Education & Research

Meeting & New Work

Security & Control Room


Business-Oriented Innovation (Tangible, business-driven solutions by leveraging the latest technologies)

Fearless Experimentation and Rapid Prototyping

Integration of Advanced Technologies and Techniques (Cutting edge technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning, and AI)


Boeingavenue 271, 1119 PD, Schiphol-Rijk


Schuberg Philis

We understand that technology's acceleration is constantly creating new market competition. To keep you on top, our IT solutions deliver 100% impact in areas fundamental to your business. This is how we help you achieve each mission-critical transformation.

Working with organizations in the world’s most crucial industries means we also have some influence on society. While keeping your mission-critical operations fail-proof and secure, we seek to achieve 100% customer satisfaction as well as make choices that positively impact people and the planet.

Our reputation stands strong as an outsourcer with guarantees for uptime. We have also grown into the role of enabling mission-critical transformations. By operating in self-steering teams that put experts in the lead, we deliver on our own promise. In any project, execution responsibility lies with the same people who give advice and develop a solution.

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