Studio B12 GmbH

100 Prozent digitale Kommunikation


Use Case Focus

Showroom & Brandspace

Museum & Exhibition

Trade Fair & Event

Retail & POS

Meeting & New Work


ANIMATION 2D and 3D animation with concept, storyboard, music and voice recordings

WEB APPLICATIONS Concept, development and design of web applications in all common technologies

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Concept, design and content for exhibits, trade fair stands and showrooms

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Rebenring 31, Hof A 38106 Braunschweig


Studio B12 GmbH

We consult, conceptualise, design and develop with passion. We want to grow, constantly expand our knowledge and network, and achieve greatness. Our clients are our priority, they trust our support, our solutions and our ideas. They are looking for innovative solutions that work, expert advice and collaborative partnerships for the best possible results - and they always get them.

Without financial surprises or additional costs. We always strive for this, and usually succeed because we approach our work with ease - brainstorming, experimenting, losing track of time, restarting. Our eye for trends in design and technology has kept us at the forefront, to the benefit of our clients and partners.

Our collaboration with Interactive Space provides us with comprehensive technical advice and support. Their hardware and software is versatile and allows us to fully meet our customers' requirements.

Peter Werner


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