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Digital signage solutions for passive and interactive displays.

Omnichannel solutions with integration of ERP and PIM systems.

Standardized modules for utilizing object recognition by Interactive Scape.

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digimago GmbH Haus Sülz 8 53797 Lohmar



We offer both passive digital signage solutions for the retail sector as well as interactive solutions with touchscreen, RFID, and various types of sensors. We use our own digital signage solution consisting of proprietary media players, a custom operating system, and integrated signage software. Digimago is an omnichannel digital signage solution that can access real-time data such as inventory management, PIM systems, etc., and can simultaneously send collected data back to other systems.

Through the Digimago live rendering engine, content, animations, and messages can adapt in real-time to local conditions, data, and the target audience. Since Interactive Scape technology seamlessly integrates into Digimago players, all these benefits are also available in projects involving object recognition.

At digimago, we bring together modern digital signage solutions and omnichannel concepts from the retail sector. When combined with Interactive Scape's object recognition, this results in exceptionally good advisory experiences in showrooms, retail spaces, or trade shows.

André Bartscher


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