Wine tasting

initially created for Euroshop Retail Trade Fair (2023)

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About the Project

This is an application designed for presenting wines during a tasting session. All product data such as photos, videos, prices, and characteristics are loaded in real-time from the client's inventory management system. The application itself does not store any product data. Therefore, one can choose from thousands of products for such a tasting, and the data is always up-to-date automatically.

On the touchscreen, markers can be linked to a product in seconds using a product number, allowing easy association with the respective product. Everything else happens automatically.

Additionally, two of your Scape X Shape objects (transparent and dark) are used as aroma wheels to explain wine aromas. When these objects are placed, relevant information about wine aromas appears, and the respective aromas of the product circle around the wines.

Your smartphone recognition feature is also integrated. Customers can log in at the table using their loyalty card and, after the tasting, select the wines they are particularly interested in. By placing the smartphone with the retailer's app, these products are then transferred to the customer's account.

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