PONG.Li Studios

interactive crossmedia installations, gamification & projection mapping

Installation & Services

Use Case Focus

Education & Research

Showroom & Brandspace

Tourism & POI

Museum & Exhibition

Trade Fair & Event


Creative Content Development

Customized Art/ Installations

Hollistic Approach: Fullservice Agency

+49 721 625 85 30

Goethestraße 27, 76135 Karlsruhe, Germany


PONG.Li Studios

For over 20 years, we have been conceiving and realizing ideas for special productions, spatial experiences, games and art installations for cultural institutions and companies.
We work with a holistic view, detached from the medium - we question trends, take technologies apart and evolve familiar methods.
Instead of simply „spicing things up“ with media, we develop the appropriate communication language for each project. The content and the transfer of knowledge are at the center of our conception.

Inspiring science and industry.
PONG.Li wants to take experiencers on a special journey, impart knowledge with customized solutions, and stage products in a way that will be remembered.

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