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Digital Twin Machine for the Day of German Unification

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For the Siemens booth at the big citizens' festival Only with you! on the occasion of the Day of German Unity in Berlin, PONG.Li Studios built a cow-le interactive touchscreen installation: In a playful way, the so-called Digital Twin Machine visualised those steps within a factory that are important for the creation of a so-called digital twin. In the app designed by PONG.Li, one could control the addition of cocoa, sugar, milk and other ingredients via a conveyor belt to finally produce one's own chocolate bar. In factories, a digital model is first created before each production process - the so-called digital twin. This is used to virtually play through all possible sources of error in order to optimise the equipment and to recognise and avoid faulty production in advance. Siemens wanted to explain this principle to the visitors using a simple example.

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