Easire® Custom Applications

Individual multi-touch applications with innovative object recognition.
Benefit from a reliable, modular system. You can manage and edit your content independently at any time via the optimally tailored cloud-based CMS.

Multitouch applications with or without object recognition
Launch your application directly from Easire® Player
Always up to date - automatic synchronization of your application thanks to Easire® Cloud
Individual modular solutions based on your requirements
Versatile frameworks andmodules available
Cloud-based, leanContent-Management-System

Easire Frameworks with modules

Our long-term proven technology works with a multitude of expandable modules to form a stable basis from which we efficiently develop your individual Easire® application.

Whether for ...

  • the integration of live data,
  • for the connection and exchange of data via smartphone, whether
  • for the control of entire experience spaces or
  • the free positioning of geo-referenced data directly on the 3D model, on map material or infographics, whether
  • for the visualisation of generative backgrounds and effects,
  • for the provision of in-depth content via QR-code, browser integration or
  • zoom effects etc.,

... we always create your application individually on the basis of the appropriate modules for optimal, reusable, interactive use − we always create your application individually on the basis of the appropriate modules for an optimal, reusable result. 

object menues

in various styles and customizable

visual effects

visualisation of generative backgrounds and effects


for content windows, media slider and maps

highlight points

freely placable on maps, images and 3D models

geo data

add geo referenced spatial data to your map

map integration

for live and geo-referenced data on map material

browser integration

visualisation of generative backgrounds and effects

content sharing

via QR code, email or mobile device


of experience spaces and external devices


Are there any license fees?

We offer our Easire® Cloud CMS, a content management system tailored to your project for the easy and efficient management of your content, such as texts, images, videos, and more - accessible directly via web browser from any location and usable by multiple editors simultaneously. The cloud system provides a unique data structure and the highest security standards. Additionally, we provide service & remote support, regular backups, and updates.

There are various licensing models available for using the Easire® Cloud CMS, from the Silver package to the Enterprise solution, there is something for every need. Please contact us for personalized consultation.

Can I also add videos?

Yes, that is totally possible. You can add videos and GIFs in standardized formats. If you have special requirements, we'll have a look and find a solution. And if you wonder: you can also add and change images, texts, map materials, PDFs, icons etc. All standard file formats can be integrated into your application, also special formats are no problem if we know what you need. All your contents and media can be easily managed via your specially tailored web-based CMS – anytime, anywhere.

Can I also use the app on my computer/tablet/smartphone?

Yes, it is possible, as long as we consider and define the specific requirements at the very beginning of the project. We usually build our interactive apps to be used with objects on large multi-touch screens, with the user experience and user interface specifically designed for a multi-user scenario. if the app is also intended to run on other devices, we can discuss the use cases, technical and hardware constraints in an initial workshop and share our many years of experience with such setups.

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